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News & Notes #39

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  Message from John:  

Focal Pointe Team,

Over the past few weeks, the Focal Pointe Family Foundation has identified three families of first responders, who are going through their first Christmas with a loss or serious illness.  The Foundation reached out to those families and offered to install Christmas lights on their homes.  It is our hope that such an act will remind them of the joy, warmth and light of the Holiday Season, and bring them peace during this difficult time.

Although the Focal Pointe Foundation could have created “jobs” in Aspire for our outstanding Winter Interest team to simply execute, the committee members agreed that virtually no one within the organization would benefit from this.  The purpose of the Foundation is to not only help people throughout our communities who are in need, but to make a difference within the hearts of Focal Pointe employees – our work family.  The Foundation committee, and Focal Pointe leadership team, is committed to supporting opportunities for our team members to gain the emotional benefits that come from generosity.  In doing acts like this, we as individuals become more grateful, humble, and compassionate; making us more capable of receiving and recognizing the gift of happiness.

Here are a few key details about our “Season of Giving” volunteer event:

  • We will install the lights and winter interest at the three homes on Saturday, December 5th with a follow-up day in mid-January to remove the lights.
  • Victoria and Dana are working together to determine the number of volunteers needed to complete the work between 9:00 AM and 12:00 PM.  Please contact them to sign up.
  • I believe some members of the Winter Interest team have already volunteered and are likely to be assigned as Crew Leaders for “Managers” to report to.  (Don’t worry Crew Leaders – you won’t be judged poorly if your crew misses hours…)
  • The homes are located in Troy, IL; Swansea, IL; and Waterloo, IL.
  • Molly is contacting the families to see if the deceased/ill husbands/fathers had special traditions we can replicate for the families.
  • Focal Pointe is paying for all of the lights, cords, timers, etc. and gifting them to the families when we remove the lights in January.

Thank you for continuing to give me great pride and joy as your humble leader.  To know that I’m part of an organization that truly “puts people first” and is making an impact on the community, and each other, is almost overwhelming for me.  I’m so grateful for each of you and I’m so proud of what we’re building together.  Something much more than a landscaping company.

To all of our team members from Mexico who will be heading home to spend time with family – please give my best to your loved ones and thank them for allowing you to make a difference at Focal Pointe.  I wish each of you Peace, Hope, and Love during the upcoming Holy Season, and I look forward to your return.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.  Even through this difficult year, you continue to inspire me and expand my dreams.  Thank you for that gift…thank you for everything.



  Operational Excellence:  

  • Nancy Schnuck is very happy with Saul! she says, “Saul is AWESOME and communicated quite well! Everything is Wonderful!”
  • Inana Mueller the Property Manager at Genesee Park Condos says, “the board loves working with you and your team. They have agreed to renew the landcare agreement for 2021.”
  • Dr. Barbara Warner says, “First just to let you know how pleased we have been with our lawn care. Your group has done a great job (we appreciate all the work). The mailbox area was particularly super this summer.”


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Alberto Hernandez Jimenez – 12/1
Alfredo Contreras Alvarez – 12/2
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Alfredo Hernandez Gomez – 12/7
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Elyse Harpstrite – 12/9
Byron Ridenour – 12/17
Omar Montero Nava – 12/19
Jose Luis Leon Ruiz – 12/20
Juan Delgado Garcia – 12/23


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  New Employee Corner  

Name: Byron Ridenour

Position: Landcare Professional

Hire Date: 10/5/2020

Name: Rene Santana

Position: Install Professional

Hire Date: 10/6/2020

Name: Johanna Ramirez

Position: Talent and Team Development Manager

Hire Date: 10/29/2020

Name: Ricardo Pluma

Position: Landcare Professional

Hire Date: 11/23/2020

Name: Francisco Torres

Position: Landcare Professional

Hire Date: 11/23/2020