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Five Tips for Choosing a Landscape Maintenance Contractor

As we enter warmer weather patterns, it becomes clear that the landscape season is upon us. If you are in the process of selecting a landscaping contractor, here are some issues that we believe drives client satisfaction:

  1. Alignment. We are all guilty of making purchase decisions based on price rather than fit. This is especially problematic when the service we’re purchasing results in an ongoing relationship. Often, in those cases, price is the most negotiable part of the process. Alignment and culture, on the other hand, aren’t so easily negotiated. Buy alignment and negotiate a price.
  2. Track record. You’re hiring someone to represent your brand, and in many cases, landscaping can be a significant part of a facility’s operating budget. Make sure your potential vendors have a track record of serving similar properties, with similar service standards, and call those property/facility managers to see what their experiences were like.
  3. Third-Party Client Satisfaction Surveys. This is another excellent way to determine if your potential vendors deliver on their promises. Ask how they measure their client satisfaction. Your best vendors will be impressed that you are interested in learning more about their company and will gladly share their results with you if they use a service like this.
  4. Labor Availability. Labor availability is a big problem for many industries, including landscaping. Be sure to find out what their plans are for staffing. What percent are they staffed now and what are they doing to be ready for the season.
  5. Employee Turnover. Ask about employee turnover. Having consistently reliable crews on your property will make a difference in results. A crew that is dedicated to your property over a season will have a degree of ownership and take as much pride in the appearance as you.

If you’re in process of deciding on your grounds maintenance and would like another opinion, feel free to contact us anytime.  We’re a humble, service-minded organization that wants to help people succeed.  We’re here for you if there’s anything you may need from us – even if that means free advice.