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Focal Pointe, from an Intern’s Perspective

It was a bittersweet time at Focal Pointe as we said goodbye to our Summer Interns but are excited to see where their new knowledge takes them. Throughout the course of 12 weeks, they worked with an assortment of Focal Pointe professionals to gain well-rounded knowledge of how all departments work together to create a great experience for clients. Before they took off, we had the chance to sit down with them to get the experience in their own words:

How would you rate your overall internship with Focal Pointe?

“Each employee I worked with gave me an invaluable experience that has helped me develop into a better man and employee.” -Alex W.

“I love how welcoming everyone is and how it seems like a family/small company.” -Lily H.

“Each and every employee I worked with clearly took pride in their work and had a positive attitude towards the company.” Chase P.

How well did your experiences provide information on your major/career?

“I learned a lot about the horticulture industry and the job opportunities within the field.” -Jessica M.

“I feel like it gave me a major head start going into my construction management coursework.” -Thomas L.

“If I could work at Focal Pointe for 4 years and earn a college degree instead of going to class, I undoubtedly would” -Chase P.

What was your favorite part of the internship?

“The best experience I had at Focal Pointe was working with the sales and estimation team in construction and working with hazelwood’s operation and account managers.” -Alex W.

“I liked that it is very well rounded and you get to see everything that goes on in the company. The employees at Focal Pointe really have a passion for what they do.” -Lydia M.

“I quickly understood the importance of irrigation during the dry spell in mid-June. Irrigation affects every department within Focal Pointe; that’s the reason I chose to spend an extra week in the irrigation department.” -Chase P.

“The construction department left a lot of decisions up to me as far as which type of projects I wanted to work and when I wanted to work in the office or the field so that I could decide what would be best for myself and my career path.” -Thomas L.

Would you recommend Focal Pointe’s internship program to others?

“I have recommended this company to many of my horticulture friends because I enjoy the environment and quality of work.” -Lily H.

“Yes, out of the three internships I have been a part of, this was by far the best. It felt like Focal Pointe was investing in me and my interests instead of using me as extra labor” -Alex W.

“Yes I would. You learn almost everything there is that goes into a landscaping company. Everyone is also very nice and willing to share their knowledge.” -Lydia M.

“Focal Pointe invests heavily in supporting individuals through their career development.” -Jessica M.

We are extremely proud of the hard work our interns have done during their Summer with us and grateful for their kind words. We can’t wait to see where this experience leads you next! If you or someone you know is interested in an internship focusing on landscape, hardscape install, design, account management, or marketing, you don’t have to wait until next Summer! We offer internships year-round, making it always the time to apply and learn about the industry.