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  • Project Manager/Estimator.

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    Job description
    Project Manager/Estimator

    Reports to: Director of Construction

    Job Summary

    Focal Pointe Outdoor Solutions is a full-service construction/landscaping company seeking a Project Manager/Estimator to assist the Director of Construction. The position of Project Manager/Estimator is key to the financial and technical success of the company. Among other responsibilities, he or she is responsible for nurturing customer relationships, finding profitable project opportunities, thoroughly and accurately estimating the costs of the projects and bidding and securing assignments. Once a project is awarded, the project manager is responsible for overseeing the project from startup to completion. This includes working with the customer and other Focal Pointe personnel to schedule work, order materials, handle documentation, and ensure projects run smoothly while maintaining a high level of quality.

    Duties and Responsibilities

    Estimating and Bidding

    – Responds to inquiries from potential clients for information about capabilities of Focal Pointe, discusses potential projects with the Director of Construction, and ensures he opportunity log is updated.
    – Actively seeks out new projects
    – Read and understands the specifications, drawings, notes, etc. in the bid request.
    – Resolves any issues that require clarification with potential client.
    – Attends all pre-bid meetings pertaining to projects being bed.
    – Regularly, visits the job site to ensure that unusual site or production requirements are properly considered in the bid.
    – Obtains pricing information in a timely manner from vendors for inclusion in the bid.
    – Uses the correct labor rates per project requirements (ex: ASPIRE pricing, union rates, prevailing wage).
    – “Takes off” each opportunity, using the methods and tools defined by the company, or an alternative as approved by management.
    – Completes a bid package in accordance with company policy and customer requirements.
    – Reviews the estimate and the bid package with the Director of Construction in accordance with the company policy before the bid date.
    – Submits the bids within the times requested by the client.
    – Follows up on the bid as noted in the commercial bid policy and provides post-bid information, if required.
    – Follows up with the potential clients on lost bids to determine the reason, mark as “Lost” and document why in ASPIRE, and debriefs the Director of Construction.
    – Updates the bid log as bid status changes.
    – Ensures that all physical and electronic information related to bids are filed completely per department protocol.

    Post-Award/Preconstruction/Post-construction Activity

    – Provides the required information for the accounting and administrative staff to set up jobs and enter estimates into the job costing system.
    – Work with Project Administrator to obtain bonding, permitting and tax-exempt forms as required. Obtain all other paperwork as needed.
    – Prepare a folder that has all information needed by a foreman to complete this job and turn it in to the Project Administrator.
    – Negotiates the final pricing for materials and subcontractors and makes sure this is indicated in pricing.
    – Completes and receive approval for all change orders before work is completed.
    – Participates in the post-bid value engineering effort.
    – Meets with the Field Superintendent and Foreman in the Handoff Meeting and presents information in accordance with company policy.
    – Manages daily activities at the jobsite to ensure productivity.
    – Ensures that change orders are submitted to and approved by the client prior to the commencement of work-Sales person.
    – Participates in the Job Completion Review meeting.


    – Maintains a high level of expertise estimating in ASPIRE.
    – Complies with corporate policies and procedures.
    – Other duties that may be assigned.


    – High school diploma. Prefer an architectural or landscaping degree.
    – 2 years of contracting estimating experience (various fields).
    – Prefer 2 years of construction field experience contracting, preferably in supervisor role.
    – Computer skills, including at least Word, Excel and one or more estimating systems.
    – Willingness to “roll up sleeves” and do what is necessary to get the job done.
    – Honesty, integrity and a string desired to succeed.
    – Excellent organizational and communication skills.
    – Ability to deal tactfully in human issues with colleagues.
    – Ability to create and maintain cooperative team building relationships.
    – Ability to identify strengths and weaknesses in others and shift responsibilities to take advantage of those strengths.
    – Ability to meet deadlines and work under pressure.
    – Candidates must be able to pass the pre-employment drug test and the pre-employment background check.

    Job Type: Full-time