Landscape Management

Turf Maintenance.

Each Focal Pointe client receives a custom turf care program. Competent trained personnel who are state licensed apply all herbicides and pesticides. Each custom program is designed around Integrated Pest Management principles – an environmentally friendly approach that maximize both the health and beauty of the grasses on your property.. A combination of granular applications, liquid applications, and service techniques will be applied depending on each lawn’s requirements, but a general guideline is as follows for finish mow areas:

Turf Maintenance


Focal Pointe’s teams of landcare professionals take pride in precision turf care. During the heavy growing season, March 25-November 15, all finish turf areas are mowed weekly. Mowing height is adjusted seasonally for plant health and water conservation. Focal Pointe Landcare professionals “stripe” with professional mowers providing extremely straight lines. Lawn equipment cutting blades will be sharpened on a regular basis to eliminate fraying, which can reduce the quality appearance of a healthy lawn. Edging and trimming is performed to maintain a clean, crisp appearance. Lawn areas are kept free of debris and clippings are removed from sidewalks, landscape beds, and paved areas.

Turf Maintenance

Early Spring Lawn Care Applications.

Fertilizer and pre-emergent weed control are applied to provide nutrients for early spring green-up and season-long crabgrass control.

Turf Maintenance

Late Spring Lawn Care Applications.

This is a time of year when broadleaf weeds are actively growing making it the ideal time to treat with post-emergent weed control. The fertilizer portion of this application keeps a deep green turf into the summer.

Turf Maintenance

Late Summer Lawn Applications.

An application of iron and slow release fertilizer promotes dark green turf color.

Turf Maintenance

Early Fall Lawn Care Applications.

A fertilizer application early in the fall helps reestablish root systems and renews the turf after the stress of summer heat. A final application of post-emergent weed control eliminates any broadleaf weeds that may have germinated late in the growing season.

Turf Maintenance

Soil Modification.

Turf areas are aerated using professional coring machines, which allow water nutrients, and oxygen into the soil. This procedure promotes the root system and helps control thatch, insect problems, and disease. Irrigation systems are also be flagged at this time to prevent damage to the during the aeration process.

Turf Maintenance

Late Fall Lawn Care Applications.

Heavy rate granular fertilizer to further promote the root zone.