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Behind the Scenes: Planning for a Successful Snow Season

The Focal Pointe team spent Friday training up for Old Man Winter!  All production members of our snow team went through the following training sessions:

Shop Talk:  Proper pre-event equipment inspections, proper installation of plows and spreaders, and proper post-event cleaning.

Plowing and Deicing:  Proper plowing techniques, salt spreading techniques, how to safely apply chemicals, proper loading of chemicals, and site documentation.

Hand Crews – Safety and Quality:  Proper clothing, bringing extra clothing, and what food to bring. Training also covered snow shoveling, snow blowing, and effective ice melt applications.

Communication:  Proper inter-company communication before, during, and after a snow event. Snow event communication usually takes place outside of normal business hours, so knowing how best to handle is very important.

Safety: All employees viewed a snow safety video to review all aspects of a snow event and how to safely operate during one.

Over the next two weeks, all salt depots will be topped off and Route Managers will be reviewing push plans and staking curbs with their assigned crews.  Although the last three winters have been light, we know it’s our job to be ready!