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Celebrating Our 100-Day Dash

Spring is always the busiest time of year in landscaping. While our crews are actively serving our clients year-round, it’s springtime that is always our biggest push. With activities including spring cleanup, mulching, mowing, planting, and pruning, the hard-working folks at Focal Pointe are busier than ever during the 100 (or so) days that launch our spring season.

To recognize this “100-Day Dash” and its flurry of activity, long hours, and weekends worked, Focal Pointe recently held a celebration in appreciation of our dedicated staff.

All employees from Focal Pointe’s three branches (Main/Caseyville, Washington University, and Springfield, MO) were invited. Plenty of food and beverages were on hand including hot dogs, nachos, and macaroni and cheese from Doggie Mac’s food truck, along with authentic Mexican food generously prepared by a few of our employees. A one-man bad, Paul Konya, provided some fun entertainment.

Focal Pointe founder, John Munie, said, “Today we celebrate our ‘100 Day Dash’ and we’re doing so in honor of you. This has been the busiest, most productive spring in our history, and I can’t tell you how proud I am of what we have accomplished. So many of our team members went above and beyond…working in the rain, on weekends, and long hours… unselfishly serving our clients and each other. Outstanding Effort, Outstanding Results, Outstanding Team! Thank you for your hard work.”