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Midwest Dollar Spot

Though it sounds like a fun place to shop, Dollar Spot is nothing of the sort. It’s actually a common fungal turfgrass disease that appears as small silver dollar-shaped circles and can spread throughout a lawn.

Dollar Spot with a quarter for size comparison

As with any fungus, when the conditions are right, symptoms can appear. The conditions that fuel Dollar Spot’s spread are high temperatures combined with high humidity and extended moisture.

In St. Louis, our spring and early summer weather has created the perfect environment for Dollar Spot. We’ve experienced extended periods of rain, high daytime temperatures, humid days, followed by cool nights which create heavy dew. This environment keeps grass wet for long periods of time – a perfect environment for this pathogen.

The good news is that turf typically recovers when the conditions change. A fungicide can be applied to help minimize the spread of the disease and help the turf recover sooner, but is not a cure-all. It also may be necessary to re-apply fungicide every 2-3 weeks as needed until the heat and humidity return to lower levels.

The affected turf will recover with proper fertilization, watering, and cultural practices – usually when the humidity drops and/or the temperatures begin to cool. In the fall, when soil modification takes place, the aeration will assist in breaking up any remaining disease pathogens in the thatch layer. Some over-seeding may be required at this time, but with the right care, the turf will return to normal. Your landcare provider can help – contact us if we can be of assistance!

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