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News & Notes #38

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  Message from John:  


For the last four years, we have contracted with a consulting company to survey our customers and compare us to other top performing companies from around the country.  The surveys take place every Fall, and this year’s survey wrapped up last week.  I’m proud to report the following highlights:

  • We achieved a 53% response rate. That’s down just 3 points from last year’s record-setting 56% response.  Average response rates for satisfaction surveys are usually between 5%-30%.  Our response rate indicates that our clients are emotionally invested in us!
  • Nearly 40% of product quality responses stated that we performed “above expectations” and less than 5% indicated that their expectations were not met.
  • We also rated very well on relationship quality. In five categories that were rated on a scale of 1 to 5 (Highly Satisfied, Satisfied, Neither Satisfied nor Dissatisfied, Dissatisfied, Highly Dissatisfied) our average rating was 4.7!
  • The final numerical rating is a Net Promoter Score, where customers are asked, “How Likely are you to recommend Focal Pointe to others? Responses are on a scale of one to ten, with ten being “I definitely would.” A response of nine or ten is considered to be a “promoter” and those below 7 are “detractors.” Focal Pointe’s average Net Promoter response came in at an outstanding 9.2!  Nearly two-thirds of the responses gave us the highest endorsement possible!

In addition to the high numerical marks, our clients were also gracious in pointing out what they like most about us.  The most consistent response from our clients should not come as a surprise to you – Focal Pointe is made up of GREAT PEOPLE.  Here are just a few of the comments: “Hands down the people. The [branch] team is just amazing. Since they are great people and understand what needs to be done, everything else flows out of that;” “I think that the whole Company is united as ‘one’, and everyone is there to satisfy the customer. They are like one big family and they really care;” and “For us, having one person (one company) responsible for the property Is wonderful. I especially like that someone is managing and keeping an eye on everything. Each crew keeps their eyes open for issues outside of their focus and communicate with each other.  Also, everyone is nice.” All of these and more are a testament to the care you have for your customers and their properties.

Of course, the survey also pointed out a few areas in which we have room to improve. This is a big reason why we participate. We want to be aware of where we may not be at our best, so we can address the issue and stay on a track of continuous improvement.

I hope as you read through these results, you feel the same sense of pride as I do.  Through humility, and selflessly serving others; we are building a world-class organization, and we’re doing so regardless of the challenges we face.  COVID, labor shortages, bad weather, too much work, too little work; it doesn’t seem to matter.  Focal Pointe is a team of winners, and winners find ways to win.

Keep up the great work – I’m proud of you!


  Operational Excellence:  

  • Ann Horton says of Saul Facio – “We really like him!!  He’s doing a great job.”
  • Janice Mahoney writes – My yard looks great!!! Saul worked so hard all day and did an excellent job.  I don’t know what I would do without Focal Pointe, everyone there is so wonderful and so interested in what they do. I love all of you.


Benjamin O’Neal – 11/3
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Carolina Laguna – 11/18
Miguel Luque Roque – 11/20
Edgar Hernandez Gonzalez – 11/22
Daniel Brown – 11/24
Andersen Williams – 11/26
Miguel Hernandez Leal – 11/30


Dana Fritsche – 11/19/2007 (13 years)
Storm Mensing – 11/28/2016 (4 years)

  New Employee Corner  

Alfredo Contreras Alvarez

Install Professional

Hire Date: 10/6/2020