News and Notes #35



Message from John:

Focal Pointe was recently honored to receive a Top Workplace award published in the Saint Louis
Post Dispatch. This honor was actually bestowed on the company by you – our family of
employees. As you may remember, earlier this year (which feels like two years ago) we completed
a survey on issues related to our culture. Responses were received and ranked by a third party and
published in the Post-Dispatch on Sunday, August 2nd. About 1,500 companies applied for the
award, and we were one of 140 who were recognized as a Top Workplace.
More than receiving the award, what is gratifying to me is the confirmation that together, we’re
building an organization that adds value to your life beyond the paycheck. The longer I’m in
business the more my idea of success is tied into what the company contributes to others. To
know that Focal Pointe is becoming a source of pride and satisfaction for you is a humbling and
rewarding feeling. And the best part is, you as a team, are creating it. Our Core Values, which
you helped build, are driving our culture because you’re living them.
• We put people first.
• We create our future.
• We embrace results.
• We inspire communities.
Congratulations team. All awards we receive are your awards to own and be proud of. Let’s not
be content. Let’s stay hungry, recognize our ongoing improvement opportunities are, and keep
getting better.


Larry Bevirt 8/2
Jose Antonio Carrillo De Avila 8/3
Eleuterio Roman Galindo 8/4
Rodolfo Andrade Beltran 8/6
Samantha Austin 8/10
Duncan Van Breusegen 8/14
Kent Wiesemann 8/17
Cole Rabenort 8/19
Diego Navarro 8/21
Craig Spihlman 8/21
Gustavo Elias Amador Martinez 8/21
Luis Alfonso Alvarez Escobedo 8/22
Fernando Alanis 8/24
Timothy Davis 8/25
Fernando Navarro 8/25
Jacob Beck 8/25
Richard Datema 8/27
Arnulfo Ramirez De Avila 8/28 Jesus
Marquez 8/29
Arturo Ricarte 8/29
Molly Munie 8/31


Brian Brueggemann 8/1/2016 (4 Years)
Victoria Thomas 8/4/2014 (6 Years)
Guillermo Cruz Pulido 8/12/2019 (1 Year)
Emily Van Dyke 8/12/2019 (1 Year)
Cody Azotea 8/16/2010 (10 Years)
Daniel Brown 8/17/2017 (3 Years)
Richard Pierce 8/18/2015 (5 Years)
Omar Montero Nava 8/20/2018 (2 Years)
Teresa McCarthy 8/22/2017 (3 Years)
Richard Datema 8/27/2018 (2 Years)
Kent Wiesemann 8/31/2016 (4 Years)