News and Notes #36


Message from John:

Twelve years ago tomorrow, the Focal Pointe family had an event take place that changed the make-up of our team and me as a person.   On Friday, May 29, 2009, one of our senior leaders, Cindy Amos, had two interviews scheduled early that morning and she wasn’t at the office yet to meet with the candidates.  I knew something wasn’t right.  Cindy was never late and was incapable of breaking a commitment.  I called her cell phone – no answer.  I called her house and spoke to her husband, Ron.  He said:  “She left at her normal time, she should be there.”  Almost immediately after getting off of the phone with Ron, I received a call from the police department.  Cindy had been in an accident.  Someone was running late for work, was on his cell phone with his employer, and ran a red light.  He drove his truck into Cindy’s driver’s side door – she died on impact.

There are so many lessons I learned from that day.  Here are a few:

  • The Focal Pointe team is part of my family.
  • Never take people for granted, especially those you’re close to.
  • Make sure you know what your insurance covers and are comfortable with that coverage.
  • Never drive too fast for conditions in an effort to make up time.
  • If using a mobile phone while driving, it must be hand’s free calling and texting. Distracted driving is reckless driving.
  • A safe mindset, where all decisions run through the filter of safety, has priceless value.
  • When someone treats your dreams like they are their own, you never stop missing them.

This weekend is Memorial Day Weekend.  In addition to remembering our fallen soldiers and celebrating the start of summer; I will take time to thank God for Cindy and the positive impact she, and the entire Focal Pointe team has had on me.

On a related note, please be sure to attend our “100 Day Dash” party in Caseyville, on June 18th that is being thrown in your honor.  Live music, authentic Mexican food, authentic American food, and a variety of refreshments will be ready for your enjoyment by 2:00.  Each of you is powering this company to greatness and I can’t help but believe that someone in heaven is cheering us on.


Words of Wisdom

“Success isn’t just about accomplishment.  It’s also about how the things you do in your life, motivate and inspire others to do something motivating and inspiring in theirs.” – Zero Dean