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Focal Pointe’s Cody Azotea Recognized for Leadership in Sustainability

Focal Pointe Account Manager Cody Azotea was honored this week with a Sustainability Leadership Award from Washington University in St. Louis at their annual Green Carpet Awards ceremony.

Cody Azotea and Washington University’s Allan Miller

The Sustainability Leadership Awards recognize individuals and projects that exemplify leadership in sustainability. Winners are selected based on the following criteria:

  • Impact—significant measured or projected results
  • Visionary—paves the way for a sustainable future; redefines norms; questions the status quo
  • Alignment—initiative aligns with the goals and objectives outlined in the Strategic Plan for Sustainable Operations and advances progress towards the goals
  • Innovation/Creativity—utilized new techniques, perspectives, or technology to develop a sustainable solution
  • Replicable—can be implemented across campus; can continue to be implemented without direct input from inventor
  • Collaboration/Partnerships—engaged stakeholders across campus, departments, schools and/or the broader community to achieve a greater impact
  • Education/Engagement/Culture Change—contributed to the academic or co-curricular education of the campus by providing new information and expanding overall awareness or inspiring/enabling behavior change

Cody was nominated for the award by members of Washington University’s Office of Sustainability. Allan Miller, Project Manager at Washington University School of Medicine said, “Partnering with Cody these past few years has been a great experience.  He has absorbed the vision and commitment of the Washington University Sustainable Operations plan and strives to incorporate these initiatives into projects, enhancements and daily maintenance operations.  I am confident that as we continue to improve the exterior environment of the Danforth campus and the School of Medicine, the opportunity to successfully create and establish ecologically resilient sustainable landscapes will be thanks to the continued collaboration with Cody and the Focal Pointe team. Congratulations Cody, and well deserved.”

Award trophies were sustainably produced from repurposed materials

Cody received an award trophy created exclusively from repurposed materials by Perennial, a sustainable non-profit community workshop.

Brian Brueggemann, Director of Landcare Operations at Focal Pointe said, “We are extremely proud of Cody and his continued efforts to not only beautify the Washington University campus for its students, staff, and visitors but to do it in a way that is sustainable to our environment. Cody’s love for plants and his skill to design and incorporate them in a way to get the greatest aesthetic impact from them while limiting their carbon footprint at the same time is gratifying. Great job Cody!”

The Sustainability Leadership Awards are a program of Washington University’s Green Office Program, coordinated by the Office of Sustainability and endorsed by Resource Management. The Green Office Program is a framework and set of resources that have the potential to significantly reduce the environmental footprint of the university community and encourages offices across all WashU campuses to be champions of the university’s sustainability ethic.

Focal Pointe is proud to support Washington University’s sustainability efforts. Congratulations, Cody, on a well-deserved award!

Cody Azotea and Brian Brueggemann
Cody Azotea accepts his award at the Green Carpet ceremony