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Enhancing landscapes adds to both the value and our enjoyment of commercial and residential properties. And, while it seems there is always more that can be done, the funds to do so are sometimes short. To help bridge the desire to improve landscapes with budget constraints, we have put together a few cost-saving ideas for property enhancement that owners and managers can use to make wise investments in their property.

Iris, hosta, and daylilies are among perennials that are easily divided.

Utilize what you have – Late winter into spring is a great time to divide and …

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As we enter warmer weather patterns, it becomes clear that the landscape season is upon us. If you are in the process of selecting a landscaping contractor, here are some issues that we believe drives client satisfaction:

Alignment. We are all guilty of making purchase decisions based on price rather than fit. This is especially problematic when the service we’re purchasing results in an ongoing relationship. Often, in those cases, price is the most negotiable part of the process. Alignment and culture, on the other hand, aren’t so easily negotiated. Buy alignment and negotiate a price.
Track …

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Annual planting beds provide the explosion of color that can make the difference between an adequate landscape and a truly exceptional display of nature. But you may ask, why we would post an article on Summer annuals in the dead of winter? At Focal Pointe it is a year-round project to enhance our clients’ properties with the most dramatic impact from annual planting beds. For example, we’ve just completed the ordering process for most of the summer annuals that we’ll plant this spring. Ordering is just one phase of a continuous annual cycle.


Ordering – Focal …

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The pumpkin is one of the most visible signs of Fall’s arrival, making it an ideal element in fall landscape décor. Harvested in October when they reach their brightest orange, pumpkins have been grown in North America for over five thousand years.

Jack-O-Lanterns originating with an Irish folktale Jack of the lantern, were originally carved from turnips and potatoes. When Irish immigrants discovered pumpkins in America a lasting Halloween tradition was born. Over the years crude carvings of creepy countenance have given way to elaborate designs featuring portraits and pets.

Decorating with pumpkins does not necessarily require …