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Midwest Dollar Spot

Summer 2020 is finally in full swing after an unusually cool and wet spring. The summer heat and humidity are great for warm-season grasses, but the season also can prove challenging for cool-season turfgrasses, which most of us have in our yards.

Many fungal diseases thrive in wet, humid conditions, and we have had an abundance of these conditions this spring. May was extremely wet and cool, and we went directly into the heat and humidity of summer without giving the turf much time to harden off. Our Plant Health Care Technicians have recently spotted some areas with Midwest dollar spot fungus.

Dollar spot is a common fungal turfgrass disease that appears as small silver dollar-shaped circles and can spread throughout a lawn.  Humid days followed by cool nights create heavy dew on the grass, keeping grass blades wet for long periods of time – a perfect environment for this pathogen to thrive and spread.

The good news is the affected turf will recover when the humidity drops, and the temperatures begin to cool.  With a good lawn application program of proper fertilization, followed by a fall aeration and overseeding, your lawn will look good as new. Your landcare provider can help – contact us if we can be of assistance!

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