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News & Notes #41

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  Message from John: 

Where We’ve Been and Where We’re Going

On December 18th, we concluded our 23rd year in business, and on December 31st, we concluded 2020.  Reflecting, on both events, I’m not sure which is the great accomplishment!  In our 23 year history, I don’t recall a year when the game was changing so quickly from day-to-day.  We had difficult years in 2005, 2008, and 2009, but those were more understandable and far less fluid.  With that said, we have come out better for experiencing 2020, just as we did in 2005, 2008, and 2009.

Looking forward to the year ahead, I believe the adversity we face will be different, but will still be part of our story.  Everyone within the organization must remain focused on the day-to-day duties they need to complete to be successful.  Sales remain the life-blood of the organization – we must work hard to bring those in.  Safety shouldn’t be a meeting, it should be a habit.  Quality is who we are – that must remain.  Reducing waste in all aspects of the organization should be the focus of everyone.

One of the things I noticed during this past year, is that great companies were still great.  Chick-Fil-A is still substantially outperforming other fast-food restaurants and Southwest Airlines is still substantially outperforming other airlines.  Great companies aren’t great because they never have problems.  Great companies remain great because they refuse to lose focus.  They remain committed to “creating their future.”  They set goals, with clear action plans, and remain disciplined at executing.

This year, we will face more adversity and we will come out better for it because our focus will continue to sharpen.  Each of us will need to identify and execute the daily habits required to be one of the great companies that leap ahead of our competitors, rather than wonder how we fell behind.  Overcoming challenges is becoming more and more part of our DNA.  We’re a team that is growing accustomed to running to challenges, not away from them.  Welcome, 2021.  We’re running to you regardless of what you may bring.


 Green Team Update: 

Focal Pointe recently completed the St. Louis Green Business Challenge 2020. During our third year of participation in the program of the Missouri Botanical Garden, we advanced from apprentice to leader level.  We have momentum and we’re looking forward to participation in the St. Louis Green Business Challenge 2021.

The Focal Pointe Green Team met on January 5th for a lively discussion about activities and goals for the coming year. One of the team’s accomplishments in 2020 was to establish an email account to receive comments and suggestions regarding the company’s sustainability efforts. We encourage all employees to consider how the company can operate in more sustainable ways and how we can have a positive impact on the sustainability of our communities. Please send your green thoughts to

You can read more about Focal Pointe’s sustainability accomplishments and innovations as well as those of all other Green Business Challenge participants at this link. And you can learn more about the St. Louis Green Business Challenge at

 Operational Excellence: 

  • Nikki Scheele, Director of the Washington University Nursery School says, “My staff and I want to thank your Focal Pointe crew for their hard work keeping our playground landscape looking impeccable!  One of my teachers said the sand was raked and looked like a golf course this morning!  We so appreciate all you do!”
  • A text from Janelle Nativi: I wanted to let you know that I was very impressed with the crew today. They did a great job trimming back the tree and even rehung the Xmas lights that were in the way of the trimming. Thank You!!
  • Customers are grateful for our winter weather updates.
    • Glen McAuley, Environmental Safety & Emergency Management Specialist at Mercy Hospital says, “The updates are beneficial to me, thanks so much.”
    • Mitch Casey, General Manager of Vanguarde Truck Center says, “I really appreciate the updates, this is our first year with Focal Pointe but so far I am impressed.”


Francis Raymundo Solis – 1/1
Junior David Hernandez Garcia – 1/2
Emmanuel Mercado – 1/5
Dan Schaefer – 1/11
Noe Duque Ugarte – 1/13
Ricardo Pineda Hernandez – 1/13
Rufino Tenorio Sosme – 1/15
Benjamin Roesch – 1/16
Guillermo Sanchez Perez – 1/23
Angel Castillo Ramirez – 1/27


Laureen McGinthy – 01/19/2009 (12 Years)
Jose Bautista Perez – 01/20/2011 (10 Year)
Benjamin Roesch – 01/27/2014 (7 Years)
Leonel Mercado Gonzalez – 01/31/2017 (4 Years)
Alfredo Hernandez Gomez – 01/02/2018 (3 Years)
Noe Duque Ugarte – 01/02/2018 (3 Years)
Michael Kirchoff – 01/07/2019 (2 Years)
Marcus Smith – 01/20/2020 (1 Year)
Fernando Alanis – 01/27/2020 (1 Year)

  New Employee Corner  

Nestor Diaz, Landcare Professional Name: Nestor Diaz

Position: Landcare Professional

Branch: Hazelwood

Hire Date: 12/14/2020

Alessandro Rojas, Landcare Professional Name: Alessandro Rojas

Position: Landcare Professional

Branch: Wash U

Hire Date: 12/23/2020

Name: Jacobo Polvo

Position: Install Professional

Branch: Caseyville

Hire Date: 12/23/2020

Name: Anthony Polvo

Position: Install Professional

Branch: Caseyville

Hire Date: 12/23/2020

Name: John Carpenter

Position: Irrigation Technician

Branch: Wash U

Hire Date: 01/04/2021