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‘Tis the Season to Aerate!

By summer’s end, your turf has been driven on, played on, and walked on for the last five months of the primary growing season. It is exhausted. It’s time to open it up and let it breathe – time to aerate!

Aeration of turf/soil is an important practice. It aids in creating the proper growing conditions for your turfgrass system. It’s all about the roots!

During core aeration, plugs of grass and soil are removed by the aerator. The plugs will break down over time and the holes will fill back in. But prior to the holes filling back in the turf/soil receives some great benefits in the form of increased water infiltration and an influx of oxygen to the root zone.

Aeration reduces compaction, breaks up the thatch layer, increases water infiltration into the soil, increases gas exchange, and aids in overseeding establishment.

Late summer and fall are the root building months. During these months, more nutrients and water lead to root growth rather than shoot growth (see chart below). With the benefits that aeration provides the soil, roots are able to thrive and grow. With healthy root systems, comes a healthy, green lawn.

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