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Focal Pointe Staff Attend Irrigation Workshop in California

Innovation. Efficiency. Sustainability.

In today’s landscaping industry, this should be the vocabulary of an irrigation technician.

Watering your landscape is simple, right? For many, an irrigation system is out of sight and out of mind. The green turf and vibrant shrubs are watered overnight. One wakes up to a house with beautiful landscaping and finds more of the same when they go to work. It may seem like magic, but that’s irrigation. It’s a rapidly growing field with innovative technology that is greatly increasing the efficiency and sustainability of irrigation systems.

Focal Pointe strives to be leaders in the field of irrigation. New technology requires further education to provide the best service to our customers. We consistently attend trade shows and seminars to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and technology. Our most recent educational experience brought three Focal Pointe irrigation technicians to the beautiful state of California.

Brad Ettling, Blake Diehl, and I (Storm Mensing) attended a three-day workshop at Hunter Industries, a manufacturer of irrigation equipment for the landscaping and golf course industries based in San Marcos, California. In the Golden State, we were introduced to new controllers and other irrigation technology that is getting ready to hit the market. We learned the latest and most advanced problem troubleshooting practices from industry leaders, which will help us identify problems with your irrigation system in a more efficient manner.

Water bills are consistently rising to help pay for an aging infrastructure. Customers are seeing their cost of water being doubled over a short time span. Old, inefficient irrigation systems use more water than what your landscape needs, wasting both water and money. There is plenty of new technology to help combat this. Smart controllers, cloud-based technology, water efficient nozzles, and rain and weather sensors are just a few. With our continued education, Focal Pointe can provide customers with the most water-efficient scheduling tactics while also providing the opportunity to bring an inefficient irrigation system up-to-date with current technological standards.