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Not Our First Rodeo: A Look Inside ‘Snow Rodeo 2019’

According to the Farmer’s Almanac, our region can expect below-normal temperatures this winter with above-normal snowfall. No matter how much snow and ice Old Man Winter sends our way, Focal Pointe crews are prepared.

We recently held our annual Snow Rodeo, where all production members of our snow team participated in the following training sessions and demonstrations:

Shop Talk: This training covered how to conduct pre-event equipment inspections, proper installation of plows and spreaders, and best practices for post-event equipment cleaning.

Snow Preparation & Hand Crews: Employees reviewed appropriate snow event clothing, as well as bringing extra clothing and food. Training also covered loading trucks, snow shoveling, snow blowing, and effective ice melt applications as well as some “lessons learned” in the field.

Plowing and Deicing:  This demonstration covered proper plowing and salt spreading techniques, how to safely apply chemicals, proper loading of chemicals, and site documentation.

Administrative Training:  The last training discussed effective inter-company communication before, during, and after a snow event. (Snow event communication typically takes place outside of normal business hours, so having a plan is key.) Employees also viewed a snow safety video to review best practices and safe operation during a snow event.

Thank you to our foremen and snow team for another successful Snow Rodeo. This advance planning helps to ensure the safety and efficiency of our crews, allowing them to provide the high-quality snow services Focal Pointe clients expect. When the first snow or ice storm arrives, Focal Pointe will be ready.