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Creating Engaging Places for Play

One of Focal Pointe’s many services is playground installation. Over the years we have built many wonderful relationships with schools and municipalities to create, renovate, and expand engaging play areas. The playgrounds of today have changed a lot from when we were kids. Potentially dangerous structures have been replaced with ones that let kids learn about risks with decreased chance of injury. Playground manufacturers like Landscape Structures put a lot of thought into developing play equipment that helps kids develop their minds and bodies. These new playgrounds enable kids to explore their limits with climbing and agility while stimulating them with interesting games and interactive elements. Along with technological advances in playground equipment design, protective surfacing has evolved too. Engineered wood fiber mulch and impact attenuating rubber surfacing keeps kids safe from injury in the event of a fall when compared to falling on dirt, grass, or concrete.

Some other advances in playground technology include theme variations and inclusivity. Playgrounds do not just have to be brightly colored steel structures. There are many playgrounds that have a more natural look. Using subdued browns and greens along with faux wood and stone lets the playground blend into the background and still offer the same enriching play opportunities. Also, combining better surfaces with accessible designs now allows children of all abilities to enjoy the benefits of these playgrounds. Rubber surfacing and engineered wood fiber are both ADA compliant, unlike older methods such as pea gravel surfacing.

Safety standards extend beyond the play structures and surfacing themselves. A well-designed playground can still be installed incorrectly by an inexperienced contractor. To combat this, Focal Pointe has certified playground safety inspectors on staff who are licensed by the National Recreation and Park Association. Additionally, Focal Pointe is a certified installer of Landscape Structures play equipment. With several playground installations successfully completed, we are prepared to handle playgrounds of any size by many different manufacturers.

The video below shows a recent renovation Focal Pointe did for a playground in Forest Park. The existing unitary rubber surfacing was old and patchwork. As part of an upgrade to an existing play structure, Focal Pointe removed the old rubber to prepare for installation of new rubber. Additionally, we swapped out several play panels on the play structure and installed new structures.