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Planning for a Successful 2022

It’s that time of year when corporate executives and facility managers are pulling together budgets for next year. This includes grounds maintenance and landscape improvement services for their property. Here are some steps that managers of facility grounds or landscape services should take to ensure a successful landscape season that showcases their facility for their employees, customers, and guests:

  • Review your outside landscaping and grounds. Physically walk the property with your current landscape maintenance contract in hand. Are your expectations being met? Do the grounds reflect your company’s style and the image you want for your employees and customers? Are you receiving all of the services stated in your contract? Are there issues that occurred this year that need to be addressed next year and in future years? Are there specific areas that need to be addressed?
  • Have or create a specific scope of work with a list of service items for your contractor to perform. This should include number of occurrences and any particular timing needed. Note any specific areas on the property that require special attention or that might be outside of a normal routine, but that should be taken care of in weekly maintenance visits. Make sure you have a clear expectation in your mind for these services so they don’t become problems in the future.
  • In your walkthrough, make note of any areas that you feel aren’t meeting the vision you and your company have for the grounds. Request improvement ideas for these areas and budgetary numbers for next year and future years to get these accomplished. This should be a continual process with your landcare provider to make sure you are always prepared and keeping your grounds in top-notch condition.
  • Create a budget (short and long term) based upon your observations from the above list that includes routine annual maintenance as well as added improvements year after year.

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